Take the Space

San Francisco Design Week

Creative Women, Creative Leadership

Originally Presented
June 27, 2019
San Francisco

I was invited to be part of a panel presentation for a San Francisco Design Week event entitled Creative Women, Creative Leadership. The objective was to demonstrate for the sold out audience of mostly women that it is possible to find, embrace, define and follow your own style of leadership as it leads you forward in your career. The four panelists each had different stories, approaches and styles but in her own way each had defined her own success. It is our hope that we helped the audience understand that creating equity at the leadership level does not mean we all have to be the same. Nor that we need to take the same approach as men in leadership roles.

Introducing our next @sfdesignweek event Creative Women-Creative Leadership panelist Cynthia Zerger! When Cynthia draws from her past she draws from a deep well that includes coaching aspiring Olympic athletes, several marathons, a sociology degree, two master’s degrees, motherhood, and her own spin on how we need to reconsider our paths through the built environment. Meet her on 6/27 at our #SFDW event.
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Slide 2: Introductions.
Slide 5: The first of five principles.
Slide 20: Principles for taking the space in your career.
Slide 21: Realize you can help others take the space.
Slide 22: The impact of taking the space can be tremendous.
Slide 23: And, help you guide your team to its best work.